Born from Struggle, Strengthened by Experience

The Business Xelerator is the culmination of years of collective struggle, failure, resilience and victory from many entrepreneurs. Every entrepreneur has an origin story. And usually, it isn’t very pretty. The beauty tends to comes when battles are won and success is obtained, when you can look back on all those struggles, failures, and sleepless nights and see how not giving up finally paid off.

Our company was built in response to what I see as the universal plight of the entrepreneur—the inevitable journey they must make through trial and tribulation that will test every entrepreneur’s will and resolve.

The Business Xelerator is a space and resource for new entrepreneurs to enter the arena of business and receive the training that’s necessary, so they can be prepared for the arduous journey that awaits them. I don’t want to see them give up before they make it.

Don't Give Up

I’ve noticed a pattern. Most entrepreneurs get caught in what I call “entrepreneurial purgatory.” They never get out of the early struggle or failure phase of their journey. The vast majority give up, often right before they could have made a breakthrough. We want to reduce the number of startup failures by providing a real solution to the problem.

Our Solution

We do this by equipping entrepreneurs with critical knowledge, tools, and community that will enable them to persist through hardships and experience breakthroughs in their life and business. Our goal is to see you win and run a thriving company that you’re passionate about and truly proud of.

To do that, we’ve created a totally new way of starting your business by focusing on you—the entrepreneur—first. We believe that in the early stages of getting started, a business is mostly a reflection of its founders, for better or for worse.

That's why we’re developing the best tools and resources for entrepreneurs to help you become extraordinarily effective. And we’re connecting entrepreneurs with each other to build what will become one of the strongest and most collaborative business communities on the planet. We hope you will join us in making it happen.

Your Story

What will your story be? Who are you destined to become? 

— Christian Smutherman, Founder & CEO


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